Class Format:
All students must be registered with a completed registration form and payment to be fully registered in class.

We believe that students learn better in smaller groups. We
offer a 14:1 student teacher ratio. All registered students will
be placed in to groups based on chess skill and not by grade.
i have some some kinders that will beat a lot of older students).
Classes will be held for 1 hour and all students will receive
homework and a point sheet. Homework will be based off the
lesson your child will receive in class. Points will be awarded for
completed homework, classroom participation and chess game

Students will receive a homework every week except the first and last week of each session. Students are not
required to turn in the homework the following week but it is strongly encouraged that they do as this will allow
us to track progress and help us know where your student is in class.

Points will be awarded for class participation, homework, and chess games. Students that are constantly mis
behaving in class could lose points but its very rare this happens. The points will be awarded as follows:

  • Homework = 10 points
  • Game win = 5 points
  • Game Draw = 4 points
  • Game loss = 3 points
  • Classroom participation = 5 points

Points are used to show students progress in class and also to
receive awards. We pass out awards like chess medals, trophies,
boards and sets and other misc chess prizes.

Chess Games:
Chess games will be played weekly in class. We will use a computer program to create a "swiss Style"
grand prix tournament. Each week new pairings will be generated and students will no play the same
children twice. This is good because it allows students to get to know each other in class and also play
against different strengths and abilities. Students in class will also from time to time use chess clocks.
Once the students have played in one session with U.S. Chess Mates we can guarantee that they will be
ready to play in outside rated and non-rated chess tournaments.

Students must be dismissed by their chess coach. If you have selected to give your child permission to
walk home alone or wait outside then those students will be released. Students that attend on-site child
care will be walked there by a U.S. Chess Mates staff or by the child care program. Students that do not
have these permissions will wait in class until a parent or guardian picks them up.

Like most activities we do not offer refunds for missed classes and cannot offer make up classes. We will
however offer a refund for school transfers or emergency situations.

Before your register for chess class please make sure that your child can attend the classes and this is
something that they would like to do. If a refund is processed we do have a $20 processing fee.
U.S. Chess Mates